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With our commitment to saying "yes" more often, we partner with brokers to provide fast access to flexible loans for their small to medium business clients.

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If you’re a broker, adviser or referral partner, get in touch to find out how we can tailor loans to your SME clients.

With a commitment to saying “yes” more often, we can assist businesses that need funds fast to meet cash flow obligations or seize growth opportunities.

We also welcome businesses with poor credit scores, existing loans, judgments and defaults, and offer industry-leading commissions for every successful deal.

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Nathan Evans

Senior Business Development Manager

Bizcap is renowned as the most open-minded lender due to our high approval rates and broker-friendly flexibility. We offer business loans ranging from £5K to £750K, prioritizing fast service by turning applications around in as little as 3 hours.

Mendy Ash

Senior Business Development Manager

Bizcap empowers mortgage brokers to diversify into SME lending, offering exceptional partner support and the option to leverage our “Tick ‘n' Flick” referral model. Bizcap services business across a wide range of industries and risk parameters, and can approve loans in as little as 3 hours and fund them that day.

Isaac Garson

Senior Business Development Manager

While other lenders inherently look for reasons to decline a deal, Bizcap actively seeks out a way to say “yes”. This allows us to support small and medium-sized businesses that don’t meet the stringent criteria of other lenders. What’s more, unlike other lenders who penalise early repayments, Bizcap rewards them with discounts.

What Sets Us Apart

Why Partner With Bizcap?

Since the company’s inception in 2019, Bizcap has funded more than 23,000 SME loans across Australia and New Zealand totaling more than $1 billion. With our expansion into the United Kingdom, we are shifting the dial for local businesses, bringing our award-winning solutions and customer service to the market.

Unlike traditional lending practices, Bizcap embraces an innovative credit assessment and risk evaluation methodology, considering both qualitative and quantitative factors, which allows us to say “yes” more often. We offer same-day funding, supporting businesses in times of exciting growth or financial need.

Fast and Flexible Loans
We can approve loans in as little as 3 hours and fund them that day, tailoring repayments to suit your client’s needs.
Lending More, More Often
We offer loans of $5K to $5M — far more than other non-bank lenders — and can fund deals that others shy away from.
Bad Credit? Existing Loans? No problem
We can make conditional offers without running credit checks and lend to businesses with existing debt.
Industry-Leading Commissions
In recognition of our partners’ expertise, we offer high base rates and enticing bonuses.
Track Your Client’s Journey With Ease

Your Deals at Your Fingertips

Submit your clients’ details and get live access to the deal flow. We’ll quickly assess your client’s information and provide a conditional offer in as little as 3 hours. After the offer is accepted and the loan settles, we’ll raise an invoice and pay your commission.

The Process

How It Works

We like to keep things simple. Our seamless end-to-end processes have enabled us to disperse more than 23,000 loans while retaining a 4.9/5-star Trustpilot rating. By partnering with Bizcap, you'll give your clients access to fast, flexible and forward-thinking financing.

Partner Up

Easy Onboarding

Submit your client's details and choose whether you’d like us to contact them directly or if you’d rather handle the deal yourself.

Fast Assessments

We’ll assess your clients’ information and provide a conditional offer, complete with repayment and factor rate details, within hours. Our team will then seal the deal, or if you’re managing the process, you can sell it to your client with the support of a dedicated Bizcap Business Development Manager.

Efficient Funding Process

Once your client accepts the offer, we complete credit checks, send a contract via DocuSign, clarify the final details over the phone, and immediately transfer the funds to your client.

Industry-Leading Commissions

Once the loan is settled, relax and let us handle the rest. We'll raise an invoice and transfer your commissions on a weekly basis.

Where Small Business Grows Big

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Your Questions Answered

Partner FAQs

What type of small business loans does Bizcap offer?

Bizcap specialises in providing fast and flexible business loans to small and medium-sized businesses. Our solutions include Fast Business Loans, Small Business Loans, Secured Business Loans, Bridging Finance and Lines of Credit. Our loan sizes vary from £5,000 to £750,000 and Lines of Credit are available up to $300,000. Compare our solutions here.

How much can my client borrow from Bizcap?

Bizcap offers business loans of £5,000 to £750,000 and Lines of Credit up to £300,000. To find out more about each of our loans, compare our solutions.

The specific amount of your business loan is influenced by factors like your business's cash flow, operational duration, assets, and loan purpose. We assess these aspects to gauge your business's health and creditworthiness.

Our aim is to offer customized loans that address each business's unique financial needs, minimizing risk for both parties. By thoroughly evaluating factors contributing to your business's financial health, we determine an appropriate loan amount and terms to support sustained growth and success.

What if my clients need more funds than you offer them?

Pre-settlement: If your client is not satisfied with the loan approval, please contact us to explain their specific needs. We will work collaboratively with you and try our best to address their needs.

Post-settlement: Customers are eligible for renewal once 60% of the loan term is reached and top-ups 20% into the loan term, assuming a good repayment history.

We regularly check in with our customers to see whether they need access to more capital. However, if you have a client that you know would like additional funding, please contact us directly.

How soon can my client get the funds?

At Bizcap, we pride ourselves on providing fast and flexible business loans. Applications for a Bizcap Fast and Small Business Loans can be approved within 3 hours and funded that day. Our other solutions can be issued in as little 48 hours. If your client need funds sooner, let your Business Development Manager know and we can fast track their application.

What are the loan terms and how are repayments structured?

Loans are repaid through daily or weekly direct debits from the business’s bank account (excluding weekends and holidays) for the term of the loan, which can range from 3 to 12 months.

Do I have to be involved in the application process, or can I simply provide Bizcap with a customer’s contact details and let you to contact them on my behalf?

There are two ways to fund deals with Bizcap:

1. Tick ‘n’ Flick: Diversify your business without becoming an expert in small business lending. Simply refer clients to us and a dedicated Loan Specialist will support them from application to settlement, whilst keeping you in the loop. We have a higher conversion rate when our Loan Specialists close the deals on your behalf, and your commissions don’t change.

2. Broker Managed: Prefer to handle the relationship with your clients? We’ll educate you in our solutions and connect you with a Business Development Manager to help you close the deal.

What does Bizcap consider when reviewing a loan application?

Our primary considerations include:
- The overall health of the business’ cash flow
- The business’ average end-of-day balances
- Frequency and volume of monthly deposits

Our secondary considerations include:
- Time in business. To be eligible for a loan, most businesses need to have been trading for at least 4 months.
- Loan repayment history with other lenders

For more details on eligibility, please view our Adviser Cheat Sheet or consult a Bizcap Business Development Manager.

Why should I refer my clients to Bizcap over another SME lender?

Bizcap makes business loans simple. Our efficient end-to-end processes enable us to offer loans incredibly fast, approving them in as little as 3 hours and funding them that day.

We tailor loans to the individual needs of each business and offer cash flow-friendly repayment plans. Customers who need bridging finance can secure loans at heavily discounted rates. Dedicated to saying “yes” more often, we welcome businesses with poor credit scores, existing loans, judgments and defaults, including those who have been rejected by other lenders.

Our customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with our products and services, accrediting us with a 4.9/5 Trustpilot rating.

In recognition of our partners' expertise, we offer industry-leading commissions with no clawbacks. For more details, consult our Adviser Cheat Sheet.

I have a customer in mind that I'm not sure they would be a suitable Bizcap candidate. I don't want to affect their credit score by running credit. Can Bizcap help?

We can make conditional offers without running a credit check. Simply call us or fill out the Partner form above, and we can discuss the scenario with you.

What pain points do business owners experience before coming to Bizcap for a loan?

There are various scenarios in which small and medium-sized businesses come to Bizcap for a loan. They may be facing cash flow issues or looking to grow their business. Perhaps they’re facing a short term opportunity for which they need cash fast.

SMEs might also come to us after being declined from another lender for one or more of a whole host of reasons, including a poor credit score, defaults, judgments, HRMC debt or existing loans. These business owners contact Bizcap knowing we are an open-minded lender. With our commitment to saying “yes” more often, we look at a combination of qualitative and quantitative factors to assess creditworthiness and can therefore offer solutions that address their business needs whilst offering cash flow-friendly repayment plans.

In some cases, customers may have damaged their credit score by shopping around, and know that we can make a conditional loan offer without running a credit check, thereby avoiding denting their score further.

We also have customers who received loans from other lenders but not as much as they needed, and are hoping to top that up with additional funds.

How can Bizcap fund deals that other lenders won’t?

Bizcap can fund deals that other lenders won't thanks to our innovative credit assessment and risk evaluation methodology, which entails considering a wide array of both qualitative and quantitative factors. We can also do this because we are a direct lender and self-funded, which cuts the red tape that’s typically involved in processing loans.