Industry  Construction
 Business type  Fencing Business
 Location  Western Australia
 Purpose  Cash flow
 Total Loans  3
 Total Value  $114000

We were introduced via a Victorian Broker, to a customer called Julius who owns a Fencing Business and had ambitious expansion plans.

Specifically, Julius was looking for Cash Flow support to purchase materials while allowing his customers to pay their invoices on 30-day terms.

With the help of Bizcap, Julius has grown his revenue from $35k in October 2019 to $250k in June 2020.

Initially, when we assessed his file, he had been operating for under 12 months and had a credit score of 375.

In February we assisted him with a Starter Loan to the tune of $9,000 which he used to support his growth.

Subsequently, we have provided him with $30,000 in late May and more recently $75,000 in July. He has used the capital from the subsequent loans for Marketing and to purchase further supplies.

We were able to provide him with such an increase in loan size due to:

  • positive payback history for Loan 1; and
  • his ability to provide projected income based on pending contracts with customers.

Ultimately it was our flexibility to look at more than just his transactional history by learning more about his business.

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