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What Documents You Need to Apply for a Business Loan
Banks ask for various documents when you apply for a business loan. With Bizcap, it’s different; you can submit a business loan application with just one document and get a loan offer in as little as 3 hours.
The 2024 Small Business Marketing Event Calendar
Here are some key dates to capitalise on with creative marketing campaigns, as well as innovative strategies for seizing these opportunities.
Seven Tips for Navigating Seasonal Fluctuations in Business
Small businesses have to navigate and prepare for seasonal fluctuations in cash flow and operations. Here are tips for staying ahead all year long.
How Australian Residential Brokers Can Benefit From Bizcap
With the SME lending industry valued at $20 billion, Australian residential brokers can diversify their income stream by partnering with Bizcap.
The Ultimate EOFY Checklist: Identifying Growth Opportunities for SMEs
Here's why EOFY is important for small businesses and some essential tasks for maximising growth opportunities.
5 Proven Tips to Boost Profitability for Your Small Business
Looking to boost profitability? Look no further! Here are five tips from Bizcap, one of the leading small business loan providers in Australasia.
Free Website Builders for Small Businesses: Which One is Right for You?
Do you need to set up a website for your small business? Here is a quick summary of some free website builders that can help take your business online.
2023 Small Business Growth: Six Key Tips to Grow Your Business
Despite all the struggles the last few years, SME owners are standing strong. Here are six tips that could give your business an advantage over the coming months.
2023 Business Outlook: Tips and Trends for SMEs to Thrive in the Year Ahead
If the last three years have taught SMEs anything, it's to be ready and prepared for everything. So, what lies ahead for 2023?
How Bizcap Can Help Brokers' SME Clients
As a Broker and/or Accountant, partnering with small businesses is one of the most important and rewarding roles you can play in your career. But how can Bizcap help?
Small Business Working Capital Tips from the Most Open-Minded Lender
Working capital is vital for every business. Here's everything you need to know about working capital, along with some solutions to help bridge any gaps.
Your 90-Second Guide to Cash Flow Finance
Cash flow finance is a business loan that's provided based on projected cash flow, and can help smooth out those peaks and troughs in your business.
Calculating Gross Profit & Net Profit (And More Importantly, Knowing the Difference!)
Gross profit and net profit are important financial metrics in any small business. Knowing the difference between them is vital in understanding performance. Here's what you need to know.
61 Small Business Tips In 2024
Welcome to Bizcap’s Small Business Tips mega-list for 2023! We’ve spoken to our clients and industry experts and have collated their best insights to get your business going in the right direction for the rest of 2023 and beyond.
Making the Most of EOFY 2022
With the days ticking down to the end-of-financial-year. Here are a few ideas on how you can make the most of tax time.
What is an SME in Australia? How many survive? And How Much Money Do They Make?
What actually is an SME (small to medium-sized business, for those of us who don't quite know for certain but have been too afraid to ask)? Well, it depends on who you ask.
5 Tips for a Successful Festive Season and a Great Start to 2022
Whether you're aiming to capitalise on seasonal demand, or your industry has a traditional Christmas lull, it's important to have the right strategies in place.
The 8 Things You Can Do To Make Getting a Business Loan Simple
Traditional lenders have eligibility requirements that make it challenging to secure a business loan. Here's what they're looking for in your application and how Bizcap makes life easy.
5 Ways To Make Your Life Easier Come Tax Time
Not long ago we were all dealing with tax in the heart of a global pandemic. But EOFY is creeping up on us yet again. So, how can you ensure you're organised?
Your End-of-Financial-Year Opportunities
End of financial year is fast approaching, and with it comes a fantastic opportunity to upgrade assets and build your business while reducing your taxable profits.
Five Business Tips for a Successful 2021
All businesses are eagerly waiting for the new year, moving past the challenges of 2020. Here are five tips that will make sure your business enjoys a successful 2021.
How To Use a Business Loan To Maximise Growth
What are business loans, how can you use them responsibly and how can you make the most of one?
How and When Bizcap Can Help Your Clients
Do you want to empower your clients? Look no further! We work with brokers and clients to provide businesses with timely support through Bizcap's quick and flexible Small Business Loans.
Don’t Let Cash Flow Cause Seasonal Stress
Are you hoping to profit from the upcoming Christmas season? Don't let cash flow derail your grand plans by partnering with Bizcap to alleviate seasonal stress.
7 Reasons Why You May Have Been Rejected for a Business Loan
Struggling to secure a business loan? Discover the 7 common reasons and how Bizcap stands out, offering non-asset backed capital up to $600,000 to help your small business thrive!
Curious About a Loan To Help With Cash Flow?
Are you struggling with Cash flow? Bizcap is here to help you remove unwanted cash flow stress from your business, allowing you to expand and grow.
Capitalise on EOFY Opportunities
The End of Financial Year is quickly approaching, which provides an excellent opportunity for small businesses to capitalize on the tax breaks available!
Bizcap Coronavirus Insights
The Coronavirus is wreaking havoc on Australians, however small businesses are fighting back, and Bizcap is here to assist with tailored loans.