What is cash flow finance? 

Cash flow finance is a type of business loan that’s provided based on the business’ projected cashflow, and can help businesses smooth out those peaks and troughs that naturally occur over the business cycle – be it over the course of a month, quarter or a year.

As any small-medium business in Australia knows, although you may issue invoices with 30-day terms, they easily blow out to 60 or 90 days – and the knock-on effects on your business can be significant when you have rent, bills and salaries to pay – not to mention the purchase of stock.

What is cash flow finance used for? 

Cash flow finance can be utilised for any number of day-to-day business tasks that you can’t do otherwise, because you don’t have enough money coming into the business (the money may not be coming in fast enough). From paying wages and rent, meeting your commitments to the ATO, buying new systems, technology/equipment or to investing in marketing – whatever you need to do today (that your cash flow is preventing),you can make happen with cash flow finance. 

Should I use cash flow finance? 

Cash flow finance can be an excellent option for businesses that have a short-term financial bottleneck. By accessing cash flow finance you can keep your business moving while you wait for invoices to be paid, allowing you to keep your business moving forward, even though the business’ bank balance may be standing still.

Cash flow finance or traditional business loan? 

Cash flow finance can be a good alternative to traditional business loans, due to its short-term nature. With a traditional business loan, you can be locked-in to years of repayments, where as cash flow finance understands the loan is a short-term, temporary solution, and as a result, repayments are structured accordingly.

Cash flow finance in Australia 

Australian business owners may use cash flow finance as their ‘secret weapon’ when managing the day-to-day ups and downs that come part and parcel when owning a business. Whether you’re a seasonal business that naturally has fluctuations in income, or an organisation that simply has a few financial bottlenecks, having cash flow finance on standby can ease your worries and ensure you can continue taking the business forward.

How can I apply for cash flow finance? 

With funding from $5,000 to $4,000,000, high approval rates, cash flow-friendly repayments and open-minded offers, Bizcap makes getting access to the funds you’re after simple and fast! You can call one of our lending specialists on 1300922 223 and they’ll be able to guide you through the process.

Alternatively, you can apply online.

How quickly can I access cash flow finance? 

The application process takes five minutes and can be completed in 2 simple steps. We lend quicker than our industry counterparts, meaning with Bizcap, you could have funds in your account within three hours.