‘Pivoting’ may have been the buzzword of COVID-19, but it’s exactly what Anthony from A1 Fitness Supplies in Victoria did with the some cash flow help from Bizcap. 

COVID-19 threw the world into chaos – many of us were working from home, the tourism industry was on its knees, hospitality was at the mercy of square-metre rules, and the fitness sector was pivoting left, right and centre with gym closures and restrictions on class sizes.  

For A1 Fitness Supplies, which provides commercial-grade equipment to gyms across Australia, COVID could have spelled disaster. 

Rather than shrugging his shoulders in disappointment, owner Anthony Scarcella spotted a business opportunity. But he needed to find some capital to make it happen. 

Commercial-grade equipment at home

For people who are accustomed to working out at a gym, traditional domestic gym equipment just won’t cut it. 

“Everybody training at the gym is used to training on at least light commercial, semi-commercial or full commercial units. They’re not going to go from squatting from a full-power cage in a gym to a full domestic unit, which is probably going to bend and flex due to what they’re used to lifting in the gym,” Anthony explains. 

Consequently, Anthony decided to bring light commercial-grade equipment to domestic customers. The challenge was financing the purchase of stock. 

That’s where Bruno Lima, his Bizcap customer Loan Specialist stepped in. 

“I gave Bizcap a call and spoke to Bruno –he did a couple of calculations and came back with an offer the same day, ”Anthony explains. Since his first cashflow loan in May, Anthony has returned to Bizcap a further two times, securing a total of $75,000 to invest into his business. 

“In total, we ordered 16 containers out of China and only half of them have managed to arrive. So there’s another eight still to arrive, and they will be spread out between February, March and April.” 

Quick funding enables A1 to seize the opportunity

For Anthony, working with Bizcap was a great experience that enabled him to quickly access the funds he needed to take advantage of the opportunity that presented itself. 

“I find [Bizcap] far easier to deal with than traditional banks, and the funds come in a lot quicker, which means I’m able to get my stock in a lot quicker, I’m able to service my customers as quick as I possibly can if COVID doesn’t interrupt or disrupt, and I’m able to get my turnover in.” 

While gyms have reopened, people have still become accustomed to working out at home. 

“It looks like we need to do another two orders of full containers, so that’s going to spread out to May, June, July. Our year’s already solid,” Anthony says.

Thanks to the investment Bizcap provided, Anthony was able to maximise the opportunity. 

“We needed to act quickly, and Bizcap helped with that,” he says. “The paperwork is minimal – and, in business, time is money.

“As a result, we were able to triple our turnover.”

If you need some assistance in sourcing capital to further your business, contact us today and we’ll be sure to assist you. 

Looking for some light commercial-grade equipment to help you get fit at home? Get in touch with Anthony from A1 Fitness Supplies.