Why Bizcap Stands Out:

Bizcap believes in empowering small businesses by providing them with swift access to the funds they need, without hinging approvals on conventional benchmarks like credit scores and existing debt. Unlike traditional lenders, Bizcap employs a unique approach to credit assessment and risk evaluation, gaining a deep understanding of its customers by looking at both qualitative and quantitative factors in order to tailor loans to their individual needs and aspirations. This sets it apart as the most open-minded lender in the market. Furthermore, through its efficient end-to-end processes, it can approve loans in as little as 3 hours and fund them within the day, making it one of the fastest lenders in the market.

Fast, Flexible and Accessible:

Small business owners often face the challenge of time constraints and resource limitations when applying for traditional bank loans. Bizcap addresses this by offering small business loans ranging from £5,000 to £750,000, with a commitment to approving loans in as little as 3 hours and funding them that day. The online application process is seamless, user-friendly and takes under 5 minutes to complete, reflecting Bizcap's dedication to simplifying financial solutions for small enterprises.

Credibility Built on Success:

Founded in 2019, Bizcap has rapidly become a trusted partner for over 21,000 satisfied customers, providing them with the funding necessary to elevate their businesses to the next level. This track record of success underscores Bizcap's commitment to saying "yes" more often, making it a reliable choice for businesses seeking fast and easy access to funds.

The UK Advantage:

With its expansion into the UK, Bizcap is poised to be a game-changer for local businesses and brokers, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional lending institutions. The company's proven success in Australia and New Zealand positions it as a reliable and innovative funding source for small enterprises across the United Kingdom.

A Word from Our CEO, Zalman Blachman:

"Our expansion into the UK is a thrilling milestone for Bizcap, reflecting our dedication to revolutionise business funding globally,” said Bizcap Co-CEO Zalman Blachman. “We are particularly excited about introducing our unique credit model, one that prioritises understanding our customers beyond the numbers. We have a tried and tested model of open-minded lending that has worked across Australia and New Zealand that will give us an edge in the UK market.”

Blachman’s excitement was shared by Managing Director Sasha Berg. "Our mission has always been to empower small businesses, and the UK launch is a testament to our commitment,” he said. “We understand the challenges that entrepreneurs face, and Bizcap is here to provide not just funding but a partner in their journey. With our proven track record, we look forward to being a catalyst for growth in the UK market."

Chief Revenue Officer Rebecca del Rio emphasised: “Having cultivated trusted relationships with brokers and financial advisors, we are the lender of choice for them and their clients. What brokers can expect from us is a solutions-first approach for their clients.”

Bizcap's commitment to supporting the growth of small businesses is unwavering. The UK launch marks a significant milestone in the company's journey, and with its proven track record, Bizcap is set to redefine the landscape of business funding, making it more accessible and efficient for entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom. Small business owners and financial brokers alike can look forward to a new era of financial support with Bizcap at their side.